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Colloidal Silver is a liquid mineral supplement, which is a mixture of ultra-pure water and ultra-fine particles of silver (on average 0.002 microns), and a small amount of protein (99.9% silver and 0.1% casein). It will stay in suspension indefinitely when stored properly. Our product strength is standardized for 250 ppm per bottle.

Due to the popularity of mild silver protein, unscrupulous companies (mostly multi-levels) began making cheap, ineffective, and potentially toxic electrically charged silver solutions. These products contain ionized silver, not mild silver protein atoms. Independent lab assays show them to have virtually no colloidal activity, a far cry from their false label claims.

DAVE’S HEALTHY Colloidal Silver contains mild silver protein atoms, is non-toxic, is made by a licensed lab, and is measured by independent lab assay to assure potency, particle size, and quality

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